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Welcome to NTA Taekwondo – Hurst

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Hurst, Texas 76053

Welcome to NTA Taekwondo – Hurst

Martial Arts in Hurst, TX


NTA Taekwondo – Hurst offers a top-notch martial arts facility with a number of excellent classes to help anyone if your family train. From kids classes to adult classes, after school programs to summer camps, and even a class designed to offer children who are considered on a different spectrum, we have it all. Our martial arts programs in Hurst are created to give students the edge in becoming excellent students inside the studio and outside of the studio.

We have a few main goals for each and every student that attends NTA Taekwondo – Hurst.

1. Always show respect

2. Always be courteous

3. Always persevere

4. Always show self-control

5. Always act with indomitable spirit

The family-oriented culture at NTA Taekwondo – Hurst is aimed at keeping classes fun, engaged, and family-friendly. We thank you for considering our well-known program as an option when searching for a martial arts studio. 

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Why Is Martial Arts Good For You?

It's Healthy!

No matter the age, being active is a healthy part of our life. You can guarantee you will get a good active session on our martial arts classes. 

Achieve Goals

A big part of NTA Taekwondo – Hurst is setting goals and achieving them. It helps students grow into big achievers. 

Develop Confidence

Confidence will take you very far in your life. You can develop self-confidence here at our martial arts studio located in Colleyville, TX. 

Our Main Programs


Kid’s Taekwondo

Our Kids Taekwondo classes focus on the creative development of their bodies and mind. They will have a lot of fun learning. Click below to learn more. 


Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult martial arts classes provide an excellent resource to get you into shape, gain flexibility, and teach you self defense. Click below to learn more. 


Competition Team

The competition team teaches students how to be competitive by learning a level beyond regular Taekwondo. By invitation only. Click below to learn more. 

“NTA Taekwondo Hurst has proven to be an amazing experience for my daughter. Master Thu and her instructors do a fantastic job of teaching martial arts, enhancing endurance and stamina while also focusing on important character development. My husband and I are very pleased with how much progress our daughter has made in the short time since she started.”

Sehnaz Minstry

“Finding NTA Taekwondo was a blessing in disguise! I researched many schools around the area of Hurst and found one unexpectedly where I grew up. Master Thu and the other instructors have been awesome for my oldest Noah. They make it fun for the kids while also teaching the ‘hard’ stuff! Now that the youngest is old enough, he is joining this summer as well. And the best part… Master Thu was very persuasive in convincing me to come back and further my Taekwondo training. Thank you.”

Robert Limosnero

“My boy has been going to NTA for a good year now & just earned his Green Stripe belt. He loves it there & has made some awesome friendships with all the other kids. Master Thu & Master Cole are great Masters. Glad we picked NTA Hurst!”

Deborah Wood

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to learn as a student at NTA Taekwondo - Hurst?

You can expect to learn Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a proven martial art to help overcome obstacles, confidence issues, disciplinary issues, and more. We are sure you will see results with our programs!

Isn't martial arts violent?

Unfortunately, there is a stigma that martial arts is violent, or that martial arts will teach your child how to be violent. This is not the case at all! Martial arts teaches courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. While we do teach students to defend themselves, we instruct that to use your self-defense moves is the last thing you should do if you absolutely have to. If the occurrence ever presents itself, they will be well equipped to do so!

What are your classes like?

Our classes offer students the chance to succeed. We provide a foundation where they can learn using both their mind and their bodies. Students are never left out and always accounted for. We believe in keeping our classes fun, educational, at the same time instilling a positive disciplinary attitude towards them. 

Get Info About Our AMAZING Specials!


Get Info About Our AMAZING Specials!