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SKILLZ Signature (Weapon, Taekwondo Tricking)

The SKILLZ Signature curriculum is designed to be extremely challenging intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. The testing requirements are fast-paced, and very demanding of our teens and top-level students so that we can be sure to keep them engaged.

This means that the students will HAVE to put in training time at home to really succeed in the program. Most students in this program already have that drive and desire to do so or will develop it with the motivation of their teammates.


They will have their own unique 8 skills to focus on following the proven SKILLZ class planner template. Their 8 skills are:

  • FORCE (how much height and/ or power can you generate)
  • SHARPNESS (how clean are your movements)
  • ENDURANCE (how long can you perform without looking tired)
  • QUICKNESS (how quickly can you perform a technique and/ or transition from one move to the next)
  • CREATIVITY (how well can you blend your own touch on the movements)
  • CADENCY (can you add rhythm and rise and fall in the overall pitch)
  • SYNCHING (performing movements together with perfect timing)
  • PERFORMANCE (how awesome do you look when putting all the pieces together)

This program consists of a curriculum that requires students to be at the peak of their intellectual, physical, social, and emotional stages of development. Therefore, anyone joining the SKILLZ Signature program must be a 1st-degree Black belt or higher, Extreme or Elite belt that was invited or a Teen who passed the Signature Pre-Evaluation.

Here are some key factors associated with teens:

  • Physically – they are in a stage in their life where they have already acquired many great skills, and now need an outlet for applying those skills.
  • Intellectually – their intellectual skills are now transitioning from thinking like a kid to thinking like an adult
  • Emotionally – they are faced with challenges and choices on a daily basis, which tends to affect their self-confidence
  • Socially – they struggle with peer-pressure on a daily basis, which sometimes leaves them hesitant about the activities they participate in.

How to join?

  • An invite is sent to one Non-Black belt student no more than once per testing cycle, at testing. This is so that any Non-Black belt students will be able to receive more individualized coaching if needed. Eligible students are those in the Elite SKILLZ Program, as well as, students in the Extreme SKILLZ program that show above-average talent, intellect & heart; these are our “Anomalies”.
  • Finally, any Teens that are new to the school can join as well, providing they pass the SKILLZ Signature Pre-Evaluation. The reason for this is because we want to be sure that any Non-Black belt can handle the workload and this serves as a fair measure.
  • When do you normally schedule your SKILLZ Signature class?
  • We recommend this class follow right after your Elite SKILLZ or Black belt level class. This will allow anyone training in both classes to attend back to back.
  • You can offer the program twice per week following the SKILLZ calendar or 4 times per week if your schedule permits.

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Get Info About Our AMAZING Specials!


Get Info About Our AMAZING Specials!