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Our Competition Team Is The Best

Taekwondo has many great benefits to it. Some of the most fun and educational moments come from the competitive side of Taekwondo. This is by invitation only. You must show that you are deserving of this great opportunity.


There Is Regular Taekwondo And Then There Is Competition Taekwondo

The competition team is focused on providing advanced training methods to students and watching them grow both mentally and physically. Competition really has a lot of benefits that are unmatched elsewhere. These benefits even translate over to life skills and development.

What makes our competition team something you should consider:

  • Take your Taekwondo to the next level
  • Competition boosts your competitive edge
  • Learn to win, and learn to accept defeat when it occurs respectfully
  • Gain friends outside of the NTA Taekwondo – Hurst school

The competition team at NTA Taekwondo – Hurst is the best way to take your Taekwondo training to the next level!

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Our Main Programs


Kid’s Taekwondo

Our Kids Taekwondo classes focus on the creative development of their bodies and mind. They will have a lot of fun learning. Click below to learn more. 


Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult martial arts classes provide an excellent resource to get you into shape, gain flexibility, and teach you self defense. Click below to learn more. 


Competition Team

The competition team teaches students how to be competitive by learning a level beyond regular Taekwondo. By invitation only. Click below to learn more. 

Get Info About Our AMAZING Specials!


Get Info About Our AMAZING Specials!