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Here at NTA Taekwondo - Colleyville, our goal is to build confident and courteous students both inside and outside our walls. With our Kids Taekwondo classes, we have created a fun and safe environment where your child can thrive in classes and in the community. 

Our students will learn real world life skills like discipline, leadership, respect, and the ability to focus. Your child will become a part of our NTA Taekwondo - Colleyville family, and they'll feel right at home when they visit us. 

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There's Something For All Ages In Our Kids Takewondo Classes!

We offer different Kids Taekwondo classes for each age group so that your child is training and learning alongside kids of a similar mindset and ability level. At NTA Taekwondo - Colleyville, we are proud to offer:

Kinder Kix (Ages 4-5): This is our entry level class for Kids Taekwondo. Your child will begin to learn the essentials of Taekwondo, while also increasing their coordination skills at at at a young age. Some 3 year olds will be accepted depending on the orientation class. 

Children's Taekwondo (Ages 6-12): This group is mostly divided by two levels, Beginners (White Belt through Yellow Belts) and Advanced (Green Stripe and Up). Leadership skills will be instilled, while your child will also learn effective and efficient Taekwondo skills.

Junior Taekwondo (Ages 12-14): This group contains our oldest Kids Taekwondo students. Everything will start to come into center focus for them, as this lays the foundation for them to be eligible for the Adult Taekwondo program when the time comes. 

No matter what age your child is, they'll have a home away from home here at NTA Taekwondo - Colleyville!

Plus, Kids Always Have Fun In Our Taekwondo classes!

Not only will your child receive real world benefits from our Kids Taekwondo classes, they'll also become physically fit alongside likeminded students. From our youngest students at age 3 to our oldest kids at age 14, your child will develop strength, agility, hand-eye coordination, and balance, along with real world self defense skills.

Join Us For Colleyville's Best Kids Taekwondo Program!

At NTA Taekwondo - Colleyville, we're happy to offer a Kids Taekwondo program that is built on important core values that help students reach their goals. We've helped kids from all across Colleyville and beyond as they begin their martial arts journey, and we'd love to help your child too!

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