Hanmadang Taekwondo Festival

NTA Taekwondo Is Bringing Hanmadang To Colleyville!

The word hanmadang literally translates to festival. At NTA Taekwondo - Colleyville, we are proud to offer a Demonstration Hanmadang experience where our martial arts community can come together and compete in non-sparring activities like speed breaking, power breaking, poomsae, and more!

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What Is Hanmadang?

At one of our Hanmadang events, you'll discover the many traditions associated with Taekwondo. While most competitions are associated with sparring and self-defense, Hanmadang is about showcasing board breaks, Taekwondo forms, and demo teams. As part of our mission to bring our community together through the martial arts, NTA Taekwondo - Colleyville has engineered Demonstration Hanmadang events that give everyone the chance to witness the exciting, breathtaking motions of Taekwondo!

Through Hanmadang, you'll discover:
  • Powerful board breaks
  • Elegant poomsae forms
  • Rigorous demo team movements
  • An incredible sense of community

Join us in celebrating Hanmadang right here in Colleyville! Our professional instructors at NTA Taekwondo are happy to help you understand the ins and outs of Taekwondo form and technique, and to get you started on learning them yourself!

Celebrate The Martial Arts at NTA Taekwondo - Colleyville!

Through Hanmadang, you'll discover the passion and breadth of Taekwondo. Begin your martial arts journey with our incredible martial arts family right here in Colleyville... it's easier than ever to get started!

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