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NTA Colleyville Offers the Following Programs

New Student Orientation

This class is offered to all possible new students to see if they really like the program without committing to a NTA membership.

Kinder Kix (Ages 4-5)

This is the entry level for kids at Taekwondo. Age requirements are from 4-5 (some 3 yr olds will be accepted depending on the orientation class).

Child (Ages 6-9)

This age group is divided into two levels: Beginners (White through Yellowbelts), and Advanced (Green stripe & up).

NTA Leadership Program

NTA Leadership program developing Junior High and High School students to become leaders thru Coaching, Texas State Referees and/or Instructor program.

Junior (Ages 10-14)

This is the age group where kids start to learn what martial arts is all about! Everything starts to come into center focus for them.

Adult (Ages 15-Up)

A great alternative exercise program, a way to have something in common with your child and your family, and a way to practice martial arts.

Team NTA (Invitation Only)

This class is for students who wish to apply the mental and physical techniques learned in a controlled competitive environment.


This program is for those who are looking for a realistic self-defense program. What will you do when you are put in front of a real and dangerous situation?

Care To Try A Free Class?


Why Try A Free Class?

Why wouldn’t you want to try a free class? You will see the potential you or your child can make in just one class. The science of Taekwondo has been backed up with over 2,000 years of history to make sure you improve overall in the many benefits of Taekwondo!


What Are The Benefits?

Trying a free class could be the next best thing in your life! This single class will unlock the gateway to many more passages to a better way of life! Get ready to see yourself improve in exercise, balance, coordination, self discipline, and so much more!

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